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Hey! How are you?

Posted by Korima on Nov 22, 09 3:03 pm

hey Korima! long time no talk :]

Posted by synatribe on Aug 24, 08 1:06 pm

lol, yea people have been telling me about alignment and overlapping issues, I fixed the overlapping issuses but got to lazy to fix the alignement issues, lol :]

Posted by synatribe on May 27, 08 10:11 pm

Ehh, well be more on guard. XD Sense of security is comforting but not reliable. >DD

Posted by Korima on Apr 13, 08 11:21 pm

I know right? nothing ever works out in my life lol :] but for some reason I always have this sense of security that it will work out, lol

Posted by synatribe on Apr 13, 08 11:17 pm

Well gah-dayum, you and your planned out life. x] Don't get your expectations on everything to work out just like you think, though. XD I tried that, and nothing is what I thought it to be. -sighs- Just go with da flowwwww is what I have to stick to, haha.

Posted by Korima on Apr 13, 08 10:46 pm

lol or more like fashion designer, layouts as a sidejob then when I get enough money and time, I'll work as a hotel concierge and I will work my way up to CEO or something, lol I have it all planned out, LOL,

but I bet you'll be able to accomplish anything :]

Posted by synatribe on Apr 13, 08 10:39 pm

Yaaay, another artist in the world! :3 I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I could do graphic designing or web designing or whatever, but I'm too lazy for that, I think. Unless I'm really motivated. My other choice was a vet, but I'm not... like, really INTO it, although I wouldn't mind working for it. And some other stuff. XD

Posted by Korima on Apr 13, 08 10:03 pm

lol, its suppose to get harder but I decided that Im not going to take the path of a scientist or buissness man but rather just an artist or something :] so I kinda made it easy on myself :]

Posted by synatribe on Apr 13, 08 4:17 pm

Ahh, I have no idea what it's going to be like at all. >.< It's supposed to get really hard next year with the work and stuff, says all the sophomores I know. A lot of them said they don't have a life because of it. But that's 'cause we're in Pre-IB. Grrr, stupid work.

What about you? What've you heard of about junior year? :] Should be esay.

Posted by Korima on Apr 13, 08 9:02 am

Im glad you had fun:] wow sophomore haha make sure you dont overwork urself next year, have some fun, because I know from experience :]

Posted by synatribe on Apr 11, 08 11:34 pm

Yup! The field trip today was so fun. :DDDD Although I'm hella tired right now, and I'm about to pass out on the bed. >.<

I'll be a sophomore. :]

Posted by Korima on Apr 11, 08 10:08 pm

oo thats cool! only living an hour away from a different state:] haha yes I will become Junior what grade will u be in?

Posted by synatribe on Apr 10, 08 10:14 pm

Ahh, just one. It's at 7 AM to 7 PM so yeah. :] I live like an hour away from that place, so yup. :3 Funfun!

Ah, yesss. Next yearr! You'll be a junior! Fresh start! :D The new school year always makes me so nervous, though.

Posted by Korima on Apr 10, 08 9:58 pm

Louisiana! how many days? oo and I just want to get rid of my classes I have this year, so yea I need summer, lol:]

Posted by synatribe on Apr 10, 08 8:45 pm

New Orleaaaaans, Louisiana! It's some ghost-tour thingy. And then we get to go to the Riverwalk mall and some cafe and eat beignets and stuffs. :D I'm so hyped for it.

Duuude, I can't wait until summer either! Any particular reason for you?

Posted by Korima on Apr 10, 08 8:21 pm

field trip? where? man I just cant wait ti8ll summer :] lol

Posted by synatribe on Apr 10, 08 7:45 pm

D: That really sucks. You should just let it sit for like a few hours, go watch TV, and then come back with a new idea or something. XD Look at it and then maybe you'll be able to do something with it. x] I dunnooo. Grrness, I have a headache. >_> And I've got a field trip tomorrow, so that makes me happy. :]

Posted by Korima on Apr 10, 08 7:25 pm

lol, I was designing a vector on a transparent background then when
I filled the backgound layer it just looked so retarded that I just drop the entire concept :/

Posted by synatribe on Apr 10, 08 12:45 pm

Yup. It's like when you go to try to start a layout or something, you can't find anything to do with your stock or brushes or anything and it just... it's just like, "Wtf, I give up. -sigh-" Oh well. xDD We'll find inspiration sooner or later...

Posted by Korima on Apr 10, 08 7:14 am
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